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September Newsletter 2021



Happy September! Only in Florida do we celebrate fall with ~iced~ Pumpkin Spice Lattes and temperatures finally falling below 80º. While we might not have crackling wood burning in our fireplaces or slivers of steam rising from warm mugs, us Floridians have plenty of our own Autumn traditions!

Florida sunsets boast vivid shades of yellow, orange, and red that allow us to enjoy our favorite fall colors without ever leaving the beach.

Doorsteps are soon to be adorned with coastal pumpkin carvings of starfish and seashells illuminated in a golden glow.

And backyard Thanksgiving dinners will be sprinkled with seafood side dishes and Southern hospitality…

Whatever your traditions, we know that having a welcoming and comfortable home sets the scene for creating meaningful memories with loved ones. As always, Pullman West is here to guide you in designing, renovating, and furnishing in a way that makes your house feel like home.

2021 Trend: Biophilic Interior Design

Designed by Melbourne Design Studios & The Stylesmiths

According to The American Institute of Architects, “Biophilia is the innate human desire to connect with nature and natural systems.” So what is Biophilic Interior Design? In short, it’s about artfully incorporating nature into our indoor environments.

In 1984, environmental psychologist Roger Ulrich discovered that among hospital patients recovering from surgery, those with window views of nature recovered quicker and with less complications than patients without nature views.

Today, we’re seeing a resurgence of Biophilic Design in response to the feelings of stress, isolation, and anxiety surrounding the pandemic. Interior designers are creating nourishing living spaces that improve wellbeing through a visual connection to nature…

This design philosophy is characterized by the use of:

  • Botanical prints (upholstery, wallpaper, and art prints, etc.)

  • Natural materials such as wood, stone, glass, cork, bamboo, quartz, marble, and granite.

  • A nature-inspired color palette — Sea and sky-esque blues, as well as plant-like greens that range from muted sage to vibrant shades reminiscent of trips through your vegetable garden.

  • House plants galore — From potted herbs on kitchen surfaces to indoor hanging plants such as Golden Pothos, Maidenhair Fern, and English Ivy, all of which help to improve air quality.

  • Wellness lighting which follows the human circadian rhythm— the light our bodies have evolved with and adjusted to throughout history. This form of Biophilic lighting simulates the sun’s rising and setting to help keep our bodies in our natural rhythm.

Are you feeling the lure of biophilic design? Maximizing our connection to the outdoor world does much more than improve the aesthetic of our homes. Indoor plants help to lower stress. And natural light is shown to boost productivity. From live edge tables to botanical wallpaper, there are endless ways to incorporate the natural world into your personal sanctuary.


Before & After:
Modern Coastal Dream Kitchen



The incorporation of lush, leafy palm frond wallpaper, cabinets in noce wood-inspired finish, and the quartz waterfall island make this Pullman West kitchen beautifully biophilic.

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