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Pullman Post: The Future of Interior Design (September 2021)

The Future of Interior Design

Tiny Houses

In the past 5 years, staunch minimalists have begun to downsize their living spaces (often to under 400 square feet) to reduce the emphasis on possessions, instead shifting their focus towards experiences that evoke happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.

  • “I think in the far, far, far, future, the idea of home is sort of going to evaporate from bricks and mortar into more of an abstract notion of homes wherever you are,” predicts Jeff Wilson, the founder of Kasita.

Smart Home Tech

According to Architectural Digest, “As home designers look forward to a not-so-distant future, residential bliss is in flux as the Internet of Things creeps into our most quotidian moments.

It’s no secret that smart home technology improves efficiency, communication, and safety. But it can also be interruptive and distracting. Twenty years from now, tech is predicted to be so deeply integrated into our lives that our definition of “home” will change.

We already have Google Homes, Nest Cams, and app-controlled smart lighting. What’s next? Voice-controlled showers or robotic, shape-shifting furniture? Will 3D printers become as common as microwaves?

3D Printing

3D printing technology allows interior designers to quickly and tangibly demonstrate their designs to clients. And it’s not just miniature models. Intricate, full-size, high end furniture can be printed with large format 3D printers.

According to homeware company, AMARA, “Today, 3D printing is some way off widespread commercial use – current printers are selling for upwards of £500 – so it has yet to reach its full potential. But once the technology has been refined and prices start to drop, the 3D printing revolution will be here, and here to stay.”

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