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Curated Design is in Full Bloom

Curated Design is in Full Bloom

These days it feels unavoidable to succumb to the saturated T word: trend. From fashion to interior design, trends are a guiding light for many creatives. Specific textures and period pieces ebb and flow with the years, but a painted white kitchen seems to be here to stay. According to a study conducted by luxury real estate brokerage RubyHome, white is the most popular interior design color with just over 665,000 Instagram hashtags dedicated to #WhiteDecor. As quickly as trends may change, it’s critical to reflect why some withstand the test of time, especially before considering the direction of your own remodel.


“Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style.”
– Massimo Vignelli, Italian designer

One of the most common statements made by our clients in the consultation phase is “I don’t want to select anything too trendy.” Confidently, we suggest that if your remodel will be for a home you plan to live at least five to ten years in, your priority should be to design with you in mind. Have you always dreamed of floral wallpaper in your bedroom? Does a black and white kitchen fulfill your sense of nostalgia? By considering these desires and accommodating them with your lifestyle needs, the perfectly curated design comes to life. 

Common mainstream design styles like Cottagecore and vintage minimalism are aesthetics that embrace individuality. Your newly redesigned space should reflect you, and it should display a unique sense of style that can’t be duplicated from what you scroll past on Pinterest or Instagram. We often express that you must fall in love with one thing first, be it as broad as a color or as narrow as a treasured pillow, and the rest of the design will align itself around that.


Prospective clients who reach out to us have mentioned that they are charmed by certain Pullman West designs because they don’t look like what they see on Pinterest or even in their neighborhood. Design for us is about tapping into an individual’s interests, figuring out what creates their happy place, and understanding how they best function in their home.

While trends will never be ‘over’ in any industry, they do help put forward new ideas and allow us to learn and grow from them. When planning for an upcoming remodel, prioritize what makes you happy and what would make the most sense for fitting your needs. With the help of an experienced designer, their valuable resources, and a little bit of fun, you can be your own trendsetter!

Something Just Launched

(p.s. it’s our website!)

After many moons of planning and designing, the new Pullman West website has officially launched and is ready to be explored! Among many new additions, we now feature an in-depth look at our portfolio packed with professional photography and fully detailed project scopes. You can also learn more about our design process, our team, and what sets us apart as a design studio.

Featured Design

Pullman West’s interior design and remodel teams collaborated to transform this Indialantic staycation destination. Every room upholds a unique personality while catering to the home’s beautiful coastal surroundings.

Check out a glimpse of the before and after!

View the full portfolio of this remodel here on our newly designed website.

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