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Terri Pentz

Terri Pentz

Owner & Principal Designer

Terri Pentz is the co-owner of Pullman West and an Interior Designer with over 30 years of experience. Originally from Vero Beach, Florida Terri gained most of her design expertise while working at Island Paint and Decorating in Merritt Island, where she took over ownership in 2011.

As the face of our Interior Design firm, Terri currently collaborates with and provides inspiration to the team of designers. Terri infuses her designs with clean-lines and exuberance. Pullman West is built on Terri’s refusal to play it safe or small. She leads the PW team in flawlessly executing designs that are as brave as they are beautiful. Whether your style is Midcentury modern, romantic-traditional or anything in-between, Terri’s team creates interiors that all have one thing in common: that undeniably alluring “je ne sais quoi.”

Terri is appreciated for her approachability and ‘never met a stranger’ energy. She doesn’t shy away from bold colors, and never gave up on wallpaper, even when it was “out”. Her design philosophy is: “some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.”

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