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Brian Hartman

Brian Hartman

Warehouse Manager

Hailing from the outskirts of Fort Wayne, Indiana’s second largest city, Brian cherished the peacefulness of country living while enjoying nearby urban adventures. With an impressive tenure of 22 years at PBI, Fort Wayne’s largest office interior design company, Brian honed his skills and knowledge in various facets of management. Brian’s well-rounded capabilities make him an invaluable asset in effectively managing our bustling warehouse.

Brian has developed a deep affinity for Florida’s tropical landscapes, where he finds solace in exploring the waters through kayaking or simply unwinding on the beach alongside his oldest son. An avid reader, he particularly enjoys books penned by Stephen King. Brian takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service and is known around here for his award-winning smile, consistently going the extra mile to ensure you have a great day! Always making friends with anyone he meets; Brian is dedicated to creating an enjoyable environment at Pullman West!

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Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

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