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Tropical Garden Cottage


Located upon the Indian River Drive, a historic home with a guest house that had not been touched since the 70s. This was an extensive remodel of the entire space, including a laundry, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living spaces. The homeowner requested a Zen space to match the tranquility of her serene garden landscape. Her tropical garden surrounding the house nearly steals the limelight. The comfortable furnishings make an oasis.

This project was sold at $200,000 in June of 2021.

The function and aesthetic of this remodel were dramatically increased through…

  • Illuminating all rooms and surfaces through the customized placement of generous warm and cool LEDs and accent lighting.
  • Removing existing berber carpet and linoleum flooring and replacing it with 735 square feet of durable luxury vinyl planking that mimic varied wood tones as seen outside of the many windows. The flooring was completed with all new baseboards and door casings.
  • A redesign of the kitchen, removing the drywall pantry and adding more optimized storage. New quartz countertops, tile backsplash, and statement black fixtures breathed life back into the original 70s kitchen.
  • The incorporation of a complete furniture and art package, drawing in the smooth neutrals and calming greens that surround the home.
  • Livening the overall vibes with a fresh coat of neutral paint and a splash of green on three accent walls.
  • Increasing privacy without sacrificing natural lighting by installing all new custom window treatments and ditching the plastic horizontal slat shades.
  • A complete remodel of the bathroom space, resulting in a more functional and accessible showering experience. Grab bars, a higher height toilet, and a widened shower width were included to accommodate a resident who will be aging in place.

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