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Salty Air and Modern Flair


When you’re surrounded by the glassy waters, constant sea breeze, and lush palms of Indialantic, it’s hard not to want to bring some of that beauty indoors. But the existing bamboo cabinetry, too-small tile, and pastel walls in this seaside oasis weren’t exactly screaming “inviting.”

To help reinvigorate this out-of-place kitchen with a more coastal charm, we started with a proper fitting color palette. We took inspiration from the natural hues of the surrounding area, choosing shades of navy, soothing neutrals, and driftwood to create a calming and serene space.

A touch of modern flair was also added with Dacor stainless steel appliances and sleek quartz countertops. The home’s spacious first floor layout was redesigned to introduce more counterspace and a better workflow—no more bumping into dad to get to the fridge while he’s cooking!

This project was purchased in 2021 and completed in 2022.

The kitchen phase, complete with new doors, paint, and casework throughout the first floor, sold at $125,000 in July of 2021.

The function and aesthetic of this remodel were dramatically increased through…

    • Illuminating all areas and surfaces through the customized placement of cool LEDs and decorative lighting, and installing custom electrical solutions for practical charging and cable management. No more outlets in the backsplash!
    • Reconfiguring the island to a larger, rectangular shape. This allows increased counterspace, storage on the back of the island, extra room for a prep sink, and easier egress in and out of the kitchen.
    • Removing existing builder-grade flooring that was not properly scaled to accommodate the large open floor plan. A combined total of 2,800 square feet of durable 16” x 32” porcelain flooring was installed. The flooring installation was completed with all new baseboards, doors, door hardware, door casing, and crown molding.
    • Covering the previous cliché pastel wall colors with a fresh coat of light, neutral paint.
    • A complete kitchen cabinetry redesign to introduce functionality, efficient appliance layout, and an abundance of storage.
    • Replacing busy, dark granite countertops with light, maintenance-free quartz.

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