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Merritt Island Tudor Revival

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This Merritt Island Tudor Revival isn’t just a remodel; it’s a masterful reimagining. We’ve seamlessly woven modern convenience into the home’s classic charm, creating a space that feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

Imagine stepping into a cohesive living area bathed in natural light. Walls have been thoughtfully removed, allowing the spacious kitchen, beautiful fireplace, and elegant staircase to flow together seamlessly. Gone are the days of compartmentalized living; this open concept layout is perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying everyday moments together.

Warm wood tones and a fresh paint palette create a sense of harmony throughout, while the new tile flooring ensures a smooth transition between living areas. The magnificent, refaced fireplace with its modern mantel takes center stage, anchoring the space with timeless elegance.

The result? A home that honors its Tudor heritage while embracing the possibilities of modern living. It’s a testament to the power of thoughtful design, where functionality and beauty join hands to create a space that truly inspires.

This project was sold at $400,000 in September 2022.

The function and aesthetic of this remodel were dramatically increased through…

    • Engineering and completely restructuring the kitchen and dining area by rearranging load-bearing beams, reframing the fireplace, moving plumbing, and reworking electrical from floor to ceiling
    • Illuminating all areas and surfaces through the customized placement of generous LEDs, undercabinet lighting, and accent lighting, as well as installing custom electrical solutions for practical charging and cable management. All outlets and switches in remodeled rooms were replaced.
    • Installing new decorative chandeliers, pendants, and ceiling fans in the kitchen and living spaces
    • Redesigning the main staircase and lowered living room staircase, including new railing, balusters, landing, and custom-stained treads
    • Removing existing wooden flooring. A combined total of over 1,500 square feet of durable 24” x 24” tile was installed that brought cohesion and neutrality to the space. The flooring installations were completed with all new baseboards and door casings.
    • Livening the deep yellow walls with fresh coats of warm whites
    • A complete redesign of the cabinetry in the powder bathroom and kitchen, resulting in an abundance of usable storage that did not exist previously. Custom panels were specially fitted and installed on the new homeowner-purchased appliances
    • Updating tile countertops with quartz in the kitchen and powder bathroom. A full-height quartz backsplash was installed on range wall of the kitchen to enhance the classic look without distracting from the custom metal Coppersmith range hood.
    • Introducing a statement by installing over 17 feet of wallpaper along the main entry hallway
    • Redesigning the fireplace in the center of the home. A new linear fireplace was framed alongside a custom oak 8” thick mantel. Natural brick tile was installed from the floor to the ceiling.

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