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Indialantic Bath of the Rising Sun

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Taking advantage of this oceanside location, the homeowners requested that they see the reflection of the ocean sunrise through a large vanity mirror. The designers successfully merged industrial, elegant, and modern styles for this breathtaking result they had dreamed of after travelling across the Mediterranean. To maximize the space within the condo restraints, several tight areas were expanded after shifting doorways and moving walls. Long gone is the frustration of waiting for someone to be done with the toilet room so the other can shower!

This project was sold at $69,000 in February of 2021

The function and aesthetic of this remodel were dramatically increased through…

  • Redesigning the vanity with frameless cabinetry to maximize all possible storage capabilities within their condo
  • Removing nonsensical closet space in the toilet room and replacing with floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall pantry storage
  • Replacing existing 12” x 12” tile with 400 square feet of 12” x 24” luxury vinyl tile to not only update the overall look in entire bathroom suite, but to also reduce the strain on one’s back by incorporating padded underlayment
  • Combining two tiny undermount sinks into one usable sink that is built into the acrylic countertop. Less to clean? Yes, please!
  • Solidifying the brass jewelry of the space with the installation of wallpaper adorned with gold flecks peeking through the pattern
  • Reframing the shower entrance to more accessible placement so that maximum privacy is allotted in the toilet room
  • Inviting in the morning sunrise through a custom semicircle backlit mirror that resides perfectly across the large glass bedroom doors

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