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Enveloped in Sea Glass

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This beautiful home is situated in Merritt Island on the river and received an extensive renovation. By first knocking out walls of brick, which separated the kitchen and family room, the desired open concept layout became reality. The family desired for their second home to become a retreat for relaxing on the water and soaking up the Florida sun. This coastal style emphasizes a lighter color palette with shades of ocean tones. We focused on timeless, lasting materials with welcoming rugs, sea glass details and natural woven window treatments.

This project was completed in phases between 2014 and 2022. Based on current factors and inflation, this complete remodel is estimated between $300,000 to $350,000.

The function and aesthetic of this remodel were dramatically increased through…

  • Adding a new weathered media console to add a focal point to the entertainment area.
  • Replacing saddle chairs with woven taupe rope barstools to emphasize more natural, beachside textures.
  • Sourcing a beautiful live edge wood dining table and complementary dining chairs.
  • Incorporating a fun and practically sized coffee table in the living space.
  • Installing woven window treatments throughout the home to simultaneously allow daylight in and ensure privacy.
  • Hanging two nautical canvas photographs which truly pulled the final design together.
  • Removing the aged, worn brick wall and updating the new open concept space with functional cabinets throughout.
  • Designing the kitchen and bathrooms with light, timeless cabinet finishes and natural countertops reminiscent of coquina stone.
  • Redesigning the owner’s suite bathroom to incorporate an accessible, walk-in shower adorned with marble tile and privacy glass.
  • Maintaining theme consistency through the guest bath aesthetic with a rope mirror and sea glass beach tile and stone.
  • Integrating natural coral lamps and textured end tables in the master suite
  • Embellishing the main bed with soft, custom bedding and pillows decorated in coastal colors and patterns.
  • Inviting in the Florida tropics through personalized natural artworks
  • Laying all new glazed hardwood flooring throughout the home.

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