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Elegant Living in Summer Lakes

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Interruptions, strewn about messes, and well-loved furniture existed in abundance for this household, making it hard to achieve peace of mind and take a personal moment. This design was inspired by a simple wish to enjoy a glass of wine and read a book away from the liveliness of a busy family lifestyle. The main goal was to cater to a space for adults, achieving a feeling of comfort but still elevated. By creating a sense of unity from the wall colors to the accessories, relaxation just comes natural now.

This project was sold at $44,000 in March of 2021

The function and aesthetic of this remodel were dramatically increased through…

  • Inspiring a space with a calming view where one can truly relax without interruptions.
  • Installing several lighting alternatives, from ambiently-lit sconces to a matching dining nook chandelier and pair of ceiling fans.
  • Encouraging continuity throughout the nearby spaces by also installing three new matching kitchen pendants over their island.
  • Designing a complete furniture package and layout that minimized any walking hazards and fosters harmony between symmetry and elegance.
  • Strategically placing accessories within the space to attract a feeling of contentment without the clutter.
  • Enveloping the space with a variety of complimenting artwork and florals and adorning the luxurious furnishings atop a large 9’ x 3’ area rug
  • Renovated the existing fireplace façade to display an elegant marble tile
  • Designed and installed custom window treatments and panels throughout living area, family room, and dining nook

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