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A Breath of Fresh Air


Once dark, dated, and dim, these rooms were given a new lease on life with a breath of fresh air. Harsh colors and heavy woods were washed away, replaced with light wood tones and airy blues. A larger opening into the kitchen created an open invitation for family and guests to gather and celebrate. Relieved of the constant sense of having “to do,” the homeowner can now curl up on the sofa with their favorite book and glass of iced coffee, letting out a sigh of relief knowing that everything has a place and purpose.

This project was completed in phases between 2021 and 2022.

The complete kitchen and flooring remodel phase was sold at $106,000 in July of 2021.

The complete furniture package for the kitchen, living spaces, and dining room was sold at $44,000 in January of 2022.

The function and aesthetic of this remodel were dramatically increased through…

    • Illuminating all areas and surfaces through the customized placement of cool LEDs and decorative lighting, and installing custom electrical solutions for practical charging and cable management.
    • Widening the entry into the kitchen, which improved egress and allowed the possibility for an island.
    • Removing existing builder-grade flooring and backsplash tile throughout the kitchen. A combined total of 650 square feet of durable LVT vinyl flooring was installed that brought both neutral tones and coastal hues. The flooring installations were completed with all new baseboards and door casings.
    • Covering the previous heavy red and dark green wall colors with a fresh coat of light, neutral paint.
    • A complete kitchen cabinetry redesign to introduce functional storage and a fresher color palette.
    • Replacing busy, dark granite countertops with white, maintenance-free quartz, and accented solid wood.
    • Lowering the raised bar counter to one level to omit unnecessary visual clutter and open the view from the living room.
    • Integrating complete furniture, art, and accessory packages for the living, dining, and family rooms that complete the desired look for a fresh and cool aesthetic.

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